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Drilling Services

Drilling services

Mitchell Drilling Water Wells Ltd. works with all types of properties throughout Saskatchewan to accomplish drilling goals and facilitate water sources for homes and businesses.

Water Well Drilling

Our experienced team specializes in drilling new small diameter (5") water wells for farms, ranches, towns, acreages, and cabins. This includes community wells that supply water to multiple residences, public wells (for water fill stations), and private wells for home or personal use.

Well Construction

WE use the latest in well construction, pipe, screens, and drilling technology to create a well with a clean, sufficient water supply that will last many years. We develop and finish the well, which involves removing fine particals from the aquifer to make it more permeable and decrease resistance to the flow of water. We have the experience and skills to remedy any problem that occurs in the drilling process, this allows us to create a solution to provide successful completion of any water well.

Test Hole Drilling

After researching the area using the geological info provided to us from the Saskatchewan Ground Water Security Agency, we then test drill to locate available aquifers and determine well depth to be completed.

Electric Logging

Electric well logging involves measuring two electrical properties (potential and resistivity) in the bore hole. Electrical potential varies according to the nature of the traversed beds. The log created through this procedure is valuable for geologic studies, detecting and fixing seismic problems, locating the fresh water bearing beds, and determining exact thickness and position of sand, clay, and shale.

Geothermal Drilling

Mitchell Drilling Water Wells Ltd. also provides vertical geothermal ground loop installation using proper grouting techniques to insure maximum heat transfer. Vertical ground loops aid in decreasing ground disturbance and insures a constant energy return.

Winter Drilling

While some drilling companies do not work during winter months, Mitchell Drilling Water Wells Ltd. has winter drilling services available. Our equipment can run year round, so when you require help with emergencies such as a colapsed well, we can be there for you. We have a customer reference available for replacing a colapsed well on December 23rd, 2014. His cattle were very happy!

2 Inch Piezometers

Mitchell Drilling Water Wells Ltd. in Saskatoon also installs 2 inch piezometers, instruments used in monitoring wells that measure the pressure of liquid or gas and are placed in boreholes to monitor the pressure and depth of groundwater.

Government Grants

Did you know there are government grants available to fund your drilling projects? The government of Saskatchewan offers monetary grants for farmers, ranchers, and First Nations bands. Learn More.

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