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Drilling FAQs


Mitchell Drilling Water Wells Ltd. in Saskatoon receives several frequently asked questions from clients regarding the well creation process and maintenance of their well. Read through the following questions and answers to see if they address inquires you have, and feel free to contact us with additional questions.

How long does drilling a well usually take?

While geological conditions vary from project to project, we like to use the approximate scale of 1.5 DAYS / 100FT of installed well, from setup to take down.
-100 FT / 1.5 Days
-200 FT / 3 Days
-300 FT / 4 Days
This may always vary depending on developing. (The time it takes to have the well producing clear water)

How is the well site chosen?

After calling Sask First Call for line locates, we then evaluate your requirments for access to power, location relactive to where the pressure system will be, and where it will be out of harms way of traffic and livestock. After that, we evaluate if the equipment required will fit in the selected site. The site may have to be modified or moved to accomodate our equipment and insure the safety of our team.

What are the benefits of geothermal energy?

One benefit is it’s a clean source of energy--no fossil fuel (such as coal, gas, or oil) needs to be used. It’s also available at 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It can be found in Canada and the U.S., so using it will decrease our dependence on foreign oil.

How do I safeguard and maintain my water well?

Prevent excessive water run off and livestock waste from reaching the well site. An annual chlorination procedure is recommended to insure the health of the well. Ask us for more information.

Does Mitchell Drilling install pumps and hook up the system?

We usually help connect you with an area contractor to have the pump installed and well hooked up. This is beneficial in the event that a pump dies or line bursts, that a local contact may be available to trouble shoot while we may be working hundreds of kilometers away.

How long does a new well last?

A new well installed by Mitchell Drilling Water Wells Ltd. can last for generations. The use of high quality PVC well casing, stainless steel screens, silica filter sand, and brass connection fittings, create an overall construction that is resistant to corrosion. With a regular maintenence program, you will keep your water level up, remove menerals and maintain the integrity of the well.

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